Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center, Photo: Colleen Curry

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finishing up a few little things

I spent the day today finishing up some things around the office. In the morning, I worked on a box for a ceremonial pipe that I will be cataloging tomorrow. I also learned how to enter appraisal values into ANCS+ and entered in the values for several objects that I have already cataloged. Then, Colleen had me enter the results of our accession inventory into ANCS+.

After lunch, Colleen gave me and John a researcher's request of photos and negatives to pull from storage and scan. The list was lengthy and it took us about an hour to pull everything. Afterwards, we started scanning each one, which I hope to finish by the end of tomorrow. I can't believe that tomorrow is already my last day of work. It has really snuck up on me!

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