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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photo Mounting and Label Issues

This morning, the entire staff of the HRC went out to breakfast at the Roosevelt Hotel. As it is nearing the end of the summer, it was nice to get out and spend a little down time together before we all leave.

When we returned to work, I finished mounting and trimming all of my photos. After I finished, Bridgette and I figured out how to put a photograph behind each of my group labels. We "washed out" the photographs so that they would be very light, yet visible behind the text. As our labels will be printed on white paper, this will eliminate an overabundance of the color white in our exhibits.

I also scanned and printed two pages of Peter Holt's scout journal for the exhibit. As the journal was wrongly stored open in the past, it lays flat naturally and does not close. When I exhibit the journal, it will be open, but with a layer of acid free paper on top of the open pages and the printout of the scanned pages laying on top to protect the pages from light damage.

Peter Holt's Diary (right) and reproduction (left)

By mid-afternoon, I was ready to print my text so that I could begin mounting it. Unfortunately, we did not have a standard text size for the exhibit. It has been very frustrating that I have had to change my text size and layout several times in the last 3 days because none of the interns could agree on a text size for each of the types of labels. Bridgette and I finally decided on a standard size for the cases, and as soon as everyone else has finalized their labels, I will standardize their text to make sure they are all the same. Although I had changed my own text to the correct size and layout, we had some printer issues which kept me from printing them. To say the least, this was incredibly frustrating. Eventually, I walked away from that to do some exhibit mount making.

We are making very simple exhibit mounts. Basically, we are making stands for the objects we are exhibiting out of the materials we have on hand. I made a stand for the megaphone by covering a square of block ethafoam with muslin, secured with pins. I also made a small stand to hold a photo of Peter Holt up on the platform at an angle. I cut the block out of ethafoam, and again pinned muslin over it.

Exhibit mount

I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to print and mount my labels, finish making exhibit mounts, and start installing my exhibit.

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