Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center, Photo: Colleen Curry

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Installation of NPS Case

This morning, I finished making exhibit mounts, including a stand that will hold Peter Holt's diary and one to hold an assortment of NPS badges, patches and pins. Both of these mounts will hold the objects at a slight angle for better viewing.

Next, I finished mounting and trimming all of my text panels. When all the mounts and text were finished, I was able to begin installing my "Creation of the National Park Service" case. I began by installing the mannequin that I made a few weeks ago to display the early NPS uniform. As the top of the mannequin is a coat hanger, I needed a pole to run along the top of the case to hang it from. I wrapped a small metal pole in muslin and then Colleen helped me secure the pole inside the top of the case with pins. Then I was able to hang the mannequin from the pole.

From there, I arranged all of the other objects inside the case and then lined up all my text panels the way I wanted them. Then I began attaching text panels to othe back and left side of the case. Please note: as the side of the case is clear glass, I made two each of the photos and text panels that I attached to each side of the side panel. That way, I could utilize the sides of the case. I finished the case at the end of the workday, and will have to install my other case on Monday.

Mounting text panels

The finished product

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  1. I'd give anything to actually see your exhibit in person, but your photos and descriptions are the next best thing. Your display case looks quite well organized and coherent.

    I'm so impressed with the ingenuity and resourcefulness you've shown. That mannequin is a perfect example.